Mittwoch, 27. Februar 2008

a Phonecall...

back in Berlin in January 2000, one morning I had a phone-call by Gerhard Hahn, who is running a big Animation-Studio in East-Berlin. He said he heard of my Junior-Characters. It was early in the morning, 11 am, and i was still in dreams. He asked, if i liked to do some sketches of some characters that shall become the stars of a new tv-cartoon-serial, adopting a video-game.

Some of these sketches were those:

he liked it and he invited me to his studio.

He forgot that i was a trainee at his studio two years ago. I guess, he never knew.

I was sitting on the couch in his office. He brought me some coffee and we were talking about the possibilities of game-characters in cartoon-shows and the future of animation. At this time, they had just started their 3D-Department and were doing some outsourced-job for a munich-based studio, that was working on a 2D-feature-film with 3D-parts in it.

I was working on the game-characters for a month. It didn't worked that well. In some ways, it is strange, to work in his studio. Finally the characters were finished by one of the most talented character-designer at Hahn-Film at this time, Heiko Krischker, himself a follower and padavan of Markus Koch, himself a follower and padavan of Thorsten Kieker.

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