I'd like to create and to find supporters for a new Fashion-Label called 'Puppy Riot'. The main content is to provide themes for Long-Sleeves, Pullovers, Sweat- and T-Shirts, as well as Skirts, Tank-Tops or Robes.
All themes have in common that they stand for animal-protection.
The fashion should appeal on first line young people who are ready to think different. Just as an idea made end of slavery possible puppy riot should make the end of slaughterhouses and furfarms possible.

We should have strong colours, cute puppies and irritating messages.
Who fashion-maker ever could imagine to bring this lable alive
shouldn’t hesitate to contact me to create further ideas

Currently I'm working on a fox-theme saying 'Please don't hunt me', a fawn-theme saying 'please don't shoot me', a deer-theme saying 'please don't shoot my dad' and a coney-theme saying 'please don't skin me'

The look-and-feel of the shirts shall have the one of the 'Best-Company'-Sweatshirts of the late eighties last century having sophisticated emboidery as seen in these examples: