Donnerstag, 28. Februar 2008

The Valley of the Walking Mills

It says, the term Walking Mills comes from the German word
Walkmühle, which means something like tumbler-mill, i.e.
a mill where large amounts of laundry is tumbled; and which
is the name of the townsite, where i grew up.

But this is not true.
The truth about the valley of the Walking
Mills is the following, told by a tribe called Vembols , who are
living in this valley now since many generations.
I met them one day, when i was trotting around the globe.
This little guy in the header of this page on the left is one of
them. His name is Folm. By the way, the guy on the right is
Mr. Voo. He has nothing to do with WalkingMills and the story.
He just asked if he could appear in the header for personal

selfportrayal reasons. I said, it' s okay because I like him.

So this is the story the eldest of the Vembols told me.

Once there was large beautyful and calm valley surrounded
by harmless welfaring and arboreous hills and sugarloafed
mountains. In the middle was a beautiful lake with water clear
as crystal and sweat as honeywine (what?). The large lushed
meadows smelled puissantly of herbs and flowers.

In this valley were living the walking mills, peacefully.
They were bathing in the lake, eating grass, flowers and herbs
and were sleeping in the sun or the moon when ever they felt
like to. Their children, still light-weighted, were running and
flying around, playing „find the mill“ or „tumble-me“.

But then, one day, from a dark forest, three valleys away in
the north, hundreds of huge, dark and terrifying spirits came

over the mountains and hills and through the trees and destroyed
everything. They hunted and ate the little mills and ruptured
the parents. Nothing stayed alive. Then the spirits left the
totally devastated valley as quick as they came.
For many years the destroyed mills were lying around in the
valley and the vegetation started to cover their stones, bricks
and woods.

One day, the Vembols, until that day a normadic folk, came to
the valley and discovered the ruins. They understood immediatley

what has happened, because the story of the Valley of the Walking
Mills has been told since ages. So they decided to stay and settle down
in the valley to protect the cemetry of the walking mills.
They never touched any of them and left the nature fullfill its purpose.
But they guarded and watched over the valley with eagles' eyes.
They built little turf-huts to live in with their families and while the
wifes and the children were in the village, busy or playing, the men
were standing on the hills, guarding and overviewing the valley,
always aware of a possible return of the dark spirits.

But because of the bravery and courage of the Vembols, the dark
spirits never came back since.

Well, that's it. And it's the truth.

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