Samstag, 15. März 2008

At the VW-Autostadt

Then I had a little job for planb-media (now part of mindmatics). The purpose was to produce a christmas-motion-ride for the simulator at the theme park of VW. The Art-Director was Bolle Bollmann who now owns the daywalker-studios. So for the presentation we went to VW in Wolfsburg with the Volvo of plan b. After the presentation I took a little tour through the theme park and had one of the famous factory-homemade currywursts - very fine :)

I had to do a character-design of Santa Clause. I thougt he should be more of an originary nordish type wearing archaic and natural clothes:

on the other hand, he should have a modern slight made out of dark and white chocolate with orange-flavoured spots on it and which doesn't need deers:

But finally they went for the standard Coca-Cola-Version and a nostalgique slight:

no problem

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