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In the first week of february 2002, Tahar called me and asked me if I had time for a new job that should start one week later. It was for a 3D-animated feature and my issue was to do the storyboarding. The production took place at triple e in Oberhausen (former HDO = High Definition Oberhausen, a special effects studio financed by the local county government).

I asked, where is Oberhausen? and Tahar said, its a part of Köln.

I arrived there on the 12th of february. And I recognized, Oberhausen was about 80 kilometers away from Köln. Instead it was in the middle of the Ruhrgebiet, between Duisburg, Essen and Mülheim.
I then worked there in the development-department together with Dieter Klapper who was the production-designer and Ulrich Zeidler who was the art-director. On the floor below us where dozens of very talented international 3D-Artist, mattpainters, marquet-builders and our director Peter Claridge. And on the first floor was sitting the girl I fell in love with and the reason why I left Berlin and moved to Oberhausen after the end of the production. The film-title was "tamanana" and it was supposed to be the first german 3D-animated feature entirely done with motion-capturing-technique.

Here is some of my work I did there:

By the way, the production has never been finished because the money was already spent, long before the end of the production. So all that's left are these few scenes:

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