Sonntag, 2. März 2008

Die Kolonie

When I was at Clayart, i met Tahar Jaber. He was managing the project I was working on.

Doing this project, we had a lot of fun and bizarre situations to lough at and with that came into a friendly relationship. During this time we often met and talked about animation-business and its sometimes strange intern ways. We had a lot of ideas how to change things for a more effective production and we were thinking about the possibilities of realising great animation stuff by pooling all the talents we knew at this moment and how enthusiastic potentials can produce animation-films with international standards without only abusing the federal aid-system in Germany.

After the production, a few weeks later Tahar disappeared from the surface. I went back to Berlin. Half a year later he resurrected. We met in his flat in Wiesbaden and he told me that he did a lot of research about the growth-possibilities of the animation-market in Germany and that he's thinking seriously about starting a representation for animation-designers. The agency shall be called "Die Kolonie" and he asked me if I like to join it as the creative-consulting part. We smoked another one and I said: "Yes, ..... cool!"

For one year, we had a lots of fun and some serious success. Then I left Die Kolonie for personal reasons.

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