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Welcome to my Portfolio. Here you will find different examples of my working skills. Beneath there are my posts in chronological order. On the right side you will find a column of links representing my CV and below you will have some specials and illustrations sorted thematically.

Newer articles are mostly in german. Don't hesitate to use the google-translator and have fun with it :)

I am working as Animation-Director in an Online Advertising Agency in Düsseldorf. Here I'm doing Visual Development, Storyboarding, Illustration and Flash-Animation for Online-Ads and Microsites.

Beside of this, I am writing Animal-Fantasy-Stories, Science-Fiction Novels and Time&Space Punk. My first release is the prehistorical rodentsaga Keldris & Kandia that has been published by chichili-agency as eBook-Serial.
For this serial i additionaly painted the cover and inside-illustrations for all four parts.

In 2015 I released my second book, where my tomcats Sunnie & Polli are having their first appearance as Masterdetectives. Become a fan on their facebook-page >>
Two short-story adventures with the brave investigators followed.

Two years later my Timetravel Novel "Die Zeitagenten" was published with a big success.

Currently I am working on new stories for the Timeagents, on Sunnie & Polli, another Timetravel Novel and my third epic Animal-Fantasy Story.

Find all about my bookprojects on my homepage >>

And now I hope you enjoy your tour through this site and I'd appreciate it if you leave a comment. Thank You!


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